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June 7, 2021
bandana story: giddy up
bandana story: giddy up
June 7, 2021 blog, story
this talisman is born from the place that sparks action in us all to live a fuller, more authentic life. we know the steps towards a better, more expressive life... but we sit, stagnant, wishing and hoping, waiting for a catalyst, the guts or permission to make a move.well, friends, here it is!
complacency be damned! it's time to take action.overcoming that initial inertia is the hardest part.
deciding which step to take first is often paralyzing,
especially if the change you are instigating is a BIG one.
but here's a secret for you.it doesn't really matter which step you take first, or if that first step is a mistake that you learn from. it's the action of taking a step, making a call, searching for a class, walking up and shaking someone's hand that you admire, putting on the "shoes" of the person you want to be or, Y'ALL, literal new shoes! (i tell ya, if you've never slid your feet in a pair of cowboy boots and felt the way it changes your gait to a swagger... maybe the first step is to get yourself to a western store! you don't have to buy them, but feel just how tall and strong you feel walking across the floor.)my point being, take a step, that's what's important,
try, start, make a move.