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June 7, 2021
bandana story: hell yeah
bandana story: hell yeah
June 7, 2021 blog, story
this is something i say A LOT. 
whether i’ve finally figured out a dye recipe for a new bandana color or find a hershey's kiss in the bottom of the snack bowl here at the ranch, i’m just generally excitable.
life is what you make it, it can be
"ho hummm, go along about the things that must get done"
OR it can be “oh shit, look at that!!” that is the essence of “hell yeah”. i tried to illustrate that moment when your eyes are wide open, you are seeing ALL the magic around you and it feels like you are in the exact right place at the right time.this can be something you notice as it is happening, feeling that surge of gratitude, so you shout “hell yeah!”
OR it can be a practice for when you are a little out of whack and feel a need to realign with the magic. 
never done that? here’s how:
simply say, “hell yeah” out loud to yourself 3 to 7 times, 
pause in between each time to glance around and notice. 
maybe it’s seeing the first autumn leaves... 
maybe the sun peeks out from the clouds
and warms your skin… 
maybe you see a “for lease” sign in a studio space you’ve had your eye and mind on… 
magic is around us all the time. it is up to us to notice. pay close attention, the world is whispering its magic to you. i promise.