brand new product: shibori & black crop-T

brand new product: shibori & black crop-T

This month we are all about treats, no tricks! The past nine months have been hard in so many ways. We have had to dig deep, work through emotional, political and racial obstacles - and it hasn't slowed down. More than ever all of us here at the ranch feel inspired to bring you comfort, connection and some playfulness.

Today, we bring you comfort in our super-soft, brand new crop-Ts!

shibori dyed: 'i'm still standing'

Our shibori dyed wild rag was such a popular fabric that we decided to make our first crop-T with the same process. The indigo dye fades beautifully into light sapphire tones and sky blues. The shibori technique is a form of tie-dye, in that we tie off parts of the fabric while dyeing so that the dye saturates at varying intensities. (Remember tie-dye craft time at summer camp? We also wrote more about the process in our Wild Rag post)

Every single product that we put out into the world is delivered with a message in the form of a mantra. The shibori crop-T mantra is incorporated in an illustrative design element at the neckline: 'i'm still standing'.

life is hard, but you are still standing! take a minute to celebrate that.

You have encountered tough moments this year, and in your past, but you are still here. Our new crop-T is a way for you to wear that reminder. We printed a small batch (only 46) of this comfy, oversized t-shirt so it's extra special.

black snake: 'own your power'

Snakes are one of the oldest, and most familiar mythological creatures. Humans place a variety of meanings on this slithering friend, but the one we want to call out for our black crop-T is power. This is the inspiration for the small-batch printed design on the sleeves of our black crop-T.

The black snake crop-T is infused with the mantra: 'own your power'. snakes are powerful symbols of our primal energy and life force. Never doubt your power 

Both t-shirts are an over-sized fit, hand-designed, hand-dyed, locally printed ( by Machine Gun Graphics) and 100% cotton. The fabric is cut and sewn in Egypt, and then printed and hand-cut in the USA. The sleeves, and bottom hem are cut by us at the Jenni Earle ranch!

We chose to cut the back of the crop-t longer than the front for the comfiest look and fit.

Be comfortable in your power, and celebrate your resiliency.

stand up
own your power


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