free resources for coronavirus lockdown

free resources for coronavirus lockdown

by Elise Wallace

Things are getting serious with COVID-19. I have been practicing some pretty hardcore social distancing; I'm working from home, limiting social contact and talking a lot on the phone. Already, I'm bored. but we have so much time now! I think the real bummer is that my trips have been cancelled, I can't make plans with friends - so essentially there is nothing to look forward to because the future is a giant question mark.

We want to be here for you in this time [virtually]. So everyone at Jenni Earle pulled together some of their favorite freeresources. Below you'll find lists of crafts, exercise videos, business tips and stuff to watch.

Remember, we will get through this coronavirus pandemic. The only thing we can do now is focus on the present, ourselves and our loved ones. Who do you want to be on the other side of this trial? Let's work on being the best we can be right now.

Health and wellness 

Our beloved sam hueghan, from outlander, is doing a 30-day challenge for FREE

This is called the Social Distancing 30-day Challenge. New videos are uploaded daily and they are sure to get you moving at home.  These videos feature a real-live human showing you how to complete the exercises. Disclaimer: this is a real human but they still only exist on the screen and cannot socialize with you.

Yoga with Adriene

Always a favorite for yoga. She has a cool calendar that guides you through daily practice that is more intentional than just picking at random.

For your brain 

The Great Courses Daily

Want to learn how viruses spread? Curious about space? These free videos are designed to spark your curiosity, inspire new interests and generate some brain points.

Ivy League Classes for free!

We found this article, by Mental Floss, that lists 40 amazing ivy league courses you can take online. My top pick? Women Making History offered by Harvard University.

Shakespeare directly from the Globe Theatre

For the artistic and literary nerds out there. My recent trip to London was cancelled. Part of my trip was attending a show at the reconstructed Globe Theatre. Alas, since that trip (obviously) did not happen, I'll have to be content withstreaming past performances online.

[caption id="attachment_6742" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Take on that at-home craft project you've always dreamed up - but always procrastinated[/caption]

Artists and makers

Drawing lessons

Want to learn how to draw? The only thing I can draw well is a horse. I was obsessed with horses in grade school: took horseback riding lessons, read every horse book in the school library, horse wallpaper in my bedroom. Anyways, this series of youtube videos  takes you through basic drawing techniques. Designed for beginners it's a great new hobby, or refresher for all you visual artists out there.

[caption id="attachment_6741" align="aligncenter" width="300"] We've been organizing, dyeing and fulfilling orders [at a distance][/caption]


business resources for maker entrepreneurs

Every business is affected by this pandemic. The Makers Collective has gathered resources to help you manage your business, your art, and your professional platforms. It is going to be okay - I do know that - but it's hard right now. Take some breaths, and steps, to making sure you're doing all you can for the future. has pulled together a list of resources for designers, educators and businesses. I'm really glad to have the virtual world at my finger tips during this time.

A list for everyone

USA Today has a great list of 100 things to do during a Coronavirus quarantine. My favorite? "text your exes in case you have one more thing to get off your chest".

Got kids?

125 things to do with your kids during coronavirus

This list is amazing. Moms and dads are amazing. Good luck.

be brave
be adventurous [at a distance and mostly at home right now]
wash your hands

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