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October 14, 2022
Happy Earth Life.
Happy Earth Life.
October 14, 2022 sustainability

Earth Day. I don’t really like calling it a DAY. The Earth is here every day, every year, and for that matter: it has been around for billions and billions of years before we were ever even biologically possible. It is our home. We must live in tandem and harmony with this planet that gives us life. Earth is life. 

Have you ever thought about that? We would not be able to live without this planet. Sounds obvious, but we often think of survival necessities as food, water, oxygen. This is true, but those exist on Earth in delicately and specifically balanced ways, so that we can live. Our ability to survive. If the balance of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide were changed, we would not survive (hint hint: climate change is bad for us, not just the trees). 

Okay, so that’s a big topic. Today I’m going to focus on what we do here at the Jenni Earle ranch to play a small part in reducing, recycling and reducing our impact on this planet. 

  1. We recycle! Paper, glass, aluminum and metal. We are grateful to have municipal recycling. If you can’t get your recycling picked up at your home, look up a local drop-off facility. 
  2. We have a compost bin in the office. We make the extra effort to take our compostable items to a local nonprofit that has a compost container that is picked up by Gallins Farm. It’s amazing how much less trash goes to the landfill when we take our compostables somewhere that they can be turned into fertilizer! 
  3. We save our dryer lint for making fire starters. Yup. Dryer lint is super flammable. This comes in handy for those springtime and summer fires in the backyard!
  4. We use bandanas for napkins and hand towels duh! While we think our bandanas are really beautiful and can make you feel stronger, braver and more authentic–they are also great napkins. Don’t be afraid to get your bandana dirty!

Buy a recycling bin, research composting in your area and use a bandana instead of a paper towel!

Happy Earth Life.