happy mother's day

happy mother's day

Mother’s Day means something different for me this year. I still have my mother to celebrate, but a few months ago my sister had her first daughter, and three days ago a dear friend from childhood became a father. The mother I celebrate is now a grandmother, and Mother’s Day now includes my sister. I am watching the people I grew up with become parents. It is joyful to watch but also surreal. Raise your hand out there if you still feel like you are a child pretending to be an adult! I know how old I am, and I know that my sister and peers are adults, but parents?! We all choose different adventures and bringing a person into this world is one heck of an adventure. 

Along with babies come baby showers, and gifts. You won’t be surprised to hear me say that a bandana is a great mother’s day or baby shower gift. Each bandana boasts a hand-drawn design that is printed locally (thanks Machine Gun Graphics!), and dyed in small batches; the cotton is grown in the south. It’s an environmentally-conscious, and locally supported gift: gentle in all the right ways. 

Some mother’s, like my own, have the time and flair to wear their bandana as an accessory. Other moms are getting out there on the trail, the bike or the climbing wall. Even the new moms have a use for a Jenni Earle bandana: need a burp cloth? A cute bib for snack time? Yes, even an emergency diaper cloth is in the realm of possibility. 

We’ve designed our bandanas with style and care but that doesn’t mean they aren’t meant to get dirty. Ultimately we want our bandanas to be there for you with an encouraging phrase, and the ability to support you through motherhood.  

The dove grey ‘stoke your fire’ bandana is on sale right now! Mother’s are the ones that are on fire—they support themselves while raising kids with their own flames of passion. 

For new moms ‘chin up buttercup’ might be just the uplifting phrase they need to hear during the tough but rewardings first year (or two or three or eighteen). 

Being a mom means committing to a cycle of rebirth: a person becomes two people, and after birth, or adoption, that person has become a mother; a child grows through many stages; a child leaves the ‘nest’ and mom is left to experience a new chapter of independence. Maybe a mom in your life needs to carry around a bandana that reminds her to ‘let herself bloom’. 

Happy mothers day, to each and every one of you out there that is raising and caring for a human. 

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