International Women's Day 2020

International Women's Day 2020

March 8th is International Women’s Day. The day has a meaning a purpose, and a website [previous link] - the banner for the day is:

An equal world is an enabled world. 


International Women’s day is all about equality, gender equality [#EachforEqual]. I’m so pumped when I read the website. There are branches of equality for such a big broad mission. Women in tech, sport, at work, entrepreneurs, in healthcare and creatives. Women are everywhere but not always provided the same salaries, benefits, recognition or basic treatment. 

Every day, and on March 8th, I’m proud to be a woman working for a business employed mostly by women. Today I want to share with you a team of amazing women that fold and package our bandanas. 

They are called the Bloom Collective

Bloom Collective

These women are a group of Burmese (now Myanmar) refugees that fled their homes to legally immigrate to North Carolina. They brought their talents and determination with them and today make and sell handmade cloth products, in addition to folding our bandanas. 

Jenni was an entrepreneurial mentor to the group before realizing that a partnership would benefit both groups. The Jenni Earle bandana team is lucky to work with a group of brave women. The ladies of Bloom Collective work hard to make a home and a living for themselves in the United States. Recently one member was able to return to Myanmar and visit her family for the first time in over five years. 

Bloom Collective also has a farming partnership with the Miracle Grounds Network of Crossnore School and Children’s Home. The ladies grow and harvest fresh produce which is used in local restaurants here in Winston-Salem, NC. 

These women are committed to their families, their new community and the earth. The Bloom Collective provides a way for women to fortify themselves emotionally and economically. These principles are why our bandanas continue to carry encouraging mantras. If you feel like celebrating International Women’s Day, share a bandana with a woman in your life that makes the world a more equal, and loving place. 

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