Jenni Earle


5 years strong

$1.4 M in lifetime sales,
having put every dollar we've made back into building the brand

a wild and exciting ride of intense learning and effort

200+ wholesale accounts
across America and 5 other countries

the central goal of the brand,
to inspire courage and authenticity.

Cliff's Notes version:

After going through a deep depression and other trying times in my mid thirties, I realized I was MUCH braver and stronger than I thought I was.

As a lifelong maker of things, I knew I had to bring something to the marketplace that let others know that they too are braver than they think!

So, I thought back in my life to an item that made me feel brave as a kid: my grandfather Earl's bandanas.

Utilizing my background in costume and graphic design, I set out to bring a talisman, like a lucky rabbit's foot, to the world, but for courage.

Thus, the Jenni Earle bandana was born!

So here's what's next, I think of this company, at times, like a campfire. We've leaned the good, dry logs together for good air flow so the fire can sustain itself. To feel its warmth, we've invited people to our website, social channels and wholesale program. But now we need a more intense flame, we are ready to grow the fire! Picture yourself adding fuel to the fire! I want the warmth, the courage, the inspiration, and the light of this community to be felt the world over!

But how can you hand me that gallon of fuel, you ask?

For Jenni Earle, I've chosen a new style of business fundraising called Equity-based Crowdfunding on a platform called NetCapital. What I realized as I became more familiar with this style of business funding is that for the first time in history, a founder gets to choose who benefits from the company's growth! Talk about equitable and socially responsible business ownership, am-i-right?! This type of business fundraising is a cousin to the kickstarter style of funding, but instead of a t-shirt or another kind of prize, you retain shares of the company!


As a bootstrapped startup whose community means SO much to the growth of our brand, having the opportunity to open up equity to y'all makes I my heart swell. You have meant so much to my personal growth and this company's success, that I want YOU to be able to hold shares and benefit from our growth.


In the near future, we need to:

first and foremost, keep up with current demands of inventory and production, larger accounts are requiring terms, some 60 - 90 days, this is tough on cash flow! but necessary for growth
expand our product offerings into larger markets: GIFT and JEWELRY
make a key hire at the executive level

I feel these are necessary moves that will take Jenni Earle to the next level and beyond. I can dream and design all day long, but the fact is, growth and production requires money.

My experiences have taught me that everything we do in this life, that is worth a damn, starts with courage. It is a simple idea and yet we need those reminders over and over to listen closely to our hearts and minds and have the gumption to act - to take the step, speak the words, make the small changes that allow ourselves to bloom

I am forever grateful for your friendship, council and support these last 5 years. This experience has truly been a dream come true for me. I have a big vision for what this company can become.

I hope you'll consider handing me that gallon of fuel.

As alwavs. be brave out there y'all,



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