Jenni Earle at the Shoppe Object trade show [Feb 1-3]

Jenni Earle at the Shoppe Object trade show [Feb 1-3]

We. Love. the Shoppe Object trade show.

It's our favorite tradeshow. If you own a retail business, or are in charge of merchandising an online store or sell beautiful, quality things - this is the place for you. This year will be our second year at Shoppe Object trade show in New York City. This year the show is February 1-3 at Pier 36.

Why does Jenni Earle attend Shoppe Object?

Jennie Earle bandanas are sold primarily through out online store, but we also have customers that buy our bandanas to sell in their store. These friends are called stockists. These relationships are so important to us. We know that seeing our bandanas out in the world is important, and we're able to reach new, brave and authentic people.

How do we meet people who want to sell Jenni Earle bandanas? Well, at a trade show like Shoppe Object! People come from all over to check out the amazingly beautiful and intentional items curated by the founders of Shoppe Object. They pick what they'd like to take back to their store to sell to their customers.

This type of trade show, or merchant event is a common event, but the crew at Shoppe Object have raised the bar. Without getting too shows can be full of cheap, poorly made and un-thoughtful items. Often trade shows are overcrowded and you really have to dig to find something genuine.

Why is the Shoppe Object trade show unique?

I can't say it much better than they do. Directly from their website:

Shoppe object is a gathering of fellowship, and expression of ideas, and a physical manifestation of a shared ethos - dedication to, and reverence for: the good, the beautiful, the inspired, the innovative, and the well-made.

Each day begins with a  moment of gratitude, shared by all attending merchants. The Shoppe Object trade show is a lovely place to spent three days connecting with people, fellow makers and dreamers.

What we're bringing to the trade show!

This year we are bringing out bandanas [of course] but also our bandana slides [both leather and brass] and the NEW Wild Rag. Stay tuned for news on that new and exciting piece :)

brass thunderbird 

In the past we've been able to connect with brands such as Lucky Brand, Martha Stewart Living magazine and Pendleton.

I asked Jenni why she was so excited to return to the Shoppe Object tradeshow for the second time. Besides "tall ceilings and lots of natural light" she shared this:

It is curated, which I feel draws in a customer that is intentional, thoughtful, who desire a story behind what they are purchasing.

Holler at us if you'd like to see us in a store near you!


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