Jenni Earle x Causebox Spring 2020

Jenni Earle x Causebox Spring 2020

Have you seen the Causebox teaser posts? Do you know what Causebox IS? The subscription service sends you a box [an originally designed box] each season filled with products. But not just any products. The items you find in a Causebox box are from companies that empower women and create products that are earth-friendly. 



Causebox partners with women entrepreneurs and workers, and chooses companies that are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. We’re so excited that a Jenni Earle designed bandana is going to be in the Spring 2020 Causebox. 

the Causebox bandana

The bandana is a custom design just for Causebox. Due to the volume of partnering with Causebox, we had to figure out a way to expand bandana production in a supportive, sustainable and positive way. 



Here’s what Jenni has to say about the production of the Causebox bandana:

Partnering with the artisans in India brought a new weight of cotton to the Jenni Earle line. Thus far, we have sourced cotton milled in the southeastern U.S. and made a product that is as utilitarian as it is fashionable. This lighter weight cotton from Jaipur is so feminine and soft. It adds a layer of beauty to the bandana! I think what I love most though is the intention of the makers. There is just nothing like a handmade item. We work hard to embed bravery and love into each bandana we make here in North Carolina and I worried that may be lost. But from the second I opened the sample, it oozed with love and feeling! This "wild and free" bandana has a power to it. Its wearers will feel it and be emboldened and empowered by it, I have no doubt. We are at our best when we let go of expectation and just be, allowing ourselves to be wild and free! 

empowering women 

Partnering with a new company in India also allowed for the employment of hundreds of women - some for the very first time. This is a mission that Causebox and Jennie Earle share: empower women both personally and economically. [This is also what International Women’s Day 2020 is all about. Read our post!]

I can hardly wrap my head around this. I pinch myself every morning to have built a company that employs 4 amazing women! And now, this collaboration with CAUSEBOX has connected our small brand with hundreds of women, it is just beyond amazing! Doing this work, this "making a thing" work, is, in my opinion, the best work! There is a certain kind of pride that comes from starting with raw materials and making a beautiful object. There is the pride of self, there is the trust of self and there is the growth of the esteem one holds for their worth. I have found that for myself and I hope these women are learning to value themselves and hear their authentic voices. To have this group of amazing humans lending their effort to bring this object to life leaves me speechless with gratitude. 

Inside of the Causebox you’ll not only get amazing products (including our bandana) but you’ll also get a printed piece that shares Jenni’s story, design process and details about the beautiful custom bandana. 

be brave
be adventurous

Jenni & Elise

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