Jenni’s Picks Gift List

Jenni’s Picks Gift List

We are excited to take the challenge to check off ALL the friends and family on our list while shopping small! This year, we are more aware of our need to pay attention to how and where things are made. We believe that every human deserves a clean, safe work environment. We make decisions in our own brand to support that ideal as well as a clean, safe future for our children, and the planet.  

JUST IN CASE you don't want to ONLY give bandanas and other jenni earle goods for the holidays (although, we're totally OK with that... : ) we’ve rounded up a list of other brands who share these ideals to get your mind thinking about ways you can support small, amazing, hardworking, groundbreaking businesses this holiday season.


With that in mind, let’s shop!! 


I first heard of this company soon after they launched and I was hooked! Each necklace they sold helped fight global hunger. They have grown leaps and bounds since then. Half United has developed, and evolved the way they support the fight of hunger. With a dedication to ‘social good goods’, the team at Half United are always learning, always evolving. This is a lovely and inspiring brand! These threader earrings are a favorite of mine, I love the way they swing as i move. 


Put some experiences on your gift lists this year! Try giving someone time to hit pause and prioritize wonder. There’s no better place—in my opinion— than the Flophouze in Round Top, Texas. Proprietor Matt White and his team have transformed a fleet of shipping containers into the most stylish getaways you’ve ever seen, complete with a shipping container pool! With almost ALL of the materials used in the houzes being reclaimed from around the world. You will leave not only relaxed, but very inspired. 


We love these fanny packs, and the ladies that make them! They embody the word “spunky”. I first met them as next door booth neighbors in Nashville at Porter Flea and I could tell right away they were building something uniquely special. Since then, they have taken over a section of a gorgeous shop, Citizen Supply, in Ponce City Market in Atlanta. They make their goods there so shoppers can see their process and pick custom lettering and colors (they make some beautiful colors). If you have a loved one that feels like a ray of sunshine, this brand’s handcrafted goods may be a great fit. 


Each shirt is grown, spun, knitted, cut, sewn, and dyed right here in the Carolinas. This brand has been a source of inspiration for me as I’ve built the Jenni Earle brand. Leading the way again, they have started garment dyeing their shirts with natural dye: beautiful blends of madder root, pomegranate, iron and more. This brand is radically transparent about their supply chain because it is so impressive. It doesn’t get more Made in the USA than this. 


East Fork is a company based in Asheville, NC that we were SO psyched to collaborate with this year for a custom bandana. As a thank you, they sent us a mug. Let me tell you, I have held and drank tea out of many mugs in my day, and this one takes the cake. It fits so perfectly into my hands—I like a two handed hold on these chilly mornings! I have long admired their production choices and witty style. This is a great gift for the coffee or tea connoisseur in your life.


Sleep is the number one wellness practice in my opinion. This CBD oil has helped me more than any other. I take it about 30 minutes before I want to be asleep. It calms my mind. Compared to so many CBD products on the market, this one is legit. Soul Addict grows it organically in the mountains of western North Carolina and they take the best care when extracting and delivering this plant medicine to all of us! 


Mate the Label came to me via Instagram Ads. The first thing I did was go their About Us page. It is important to me to know what a company stands for and how they make their product. Loads of brands make pretty things, but Mate the Label makes pretty with a hearty dose of integrity. They do buy their yarn from India, but after that the entire process is done in southern California: the spinning, weaving/knitting, cutting and sewing. From one American made brand to another, this is an impressive feat. I recommend the “build a cozy set” feature, which allows you to pick the top and bottom that suits your comfort specialist the best! 


I’ve always liked to wear manly smells (these days they are called ‘unisex fragrances’). Boyd’s of texas creates some of the best I’ve come across. This particular one, High Desert, they describe as bringing to mind the idea of stumbling upon a dusty summer watering hole in New Mexico. Ummm, yes, please!


You gotta love a brand that shows you their tool bench on their homepage! Well, I do anyway. Marisa Mason jewelry has such a kickass style, and is designed, forged, woven, and more in Oakland, California. This particular piece is on my holiday wish list! (Mama, if you are reading this… hint, hint). But truly everything is just so gorgeous, I don’t think you could go wrong.

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