maintaining wellness throughout the coronavirus wave

maintaining wellness throughout the coronavirus wave

hey trailblazers!!

we hope this finds you well and holding your own during this health crisis. we are thinking of all y'all in different cities, with different fears and needs and are sending love and light to you. news of covid-19 seems to be swirling all around and in all our conversations so we thought we'd give you our perspective from the jenni earle ranch of how to stay positive and hopeful.

  1. use a bandana to open doors and hold public pens!

    no need to use disposable paper products, stay eco-friendly and just have a bandana with you!
    the bandana tucked in your pocket can serve to readily keep your hands free to touching doors, faucets, water fountains, public pens and many other things that we are so thoughtful of now. when you get home, just drop it in the laundry and you'll be ready for the new normal tomorrow.
  2. get fresh air!

    if the office and schools are closed, you can still get out in the yard and do some weeding and maintenence. the sunshine and fresh air will do you a world of good and help you not feel so isolated, as we are social creatures! i live alone half the time and can have quite a conversation with my plants and the yard birds. breathe in, take those shoes off and have a moment with mother nature.
  3. a little house update anyone?!

    before you watch another season of Criminal Minds, think of projects around the house you've been meaning to do, but keep putting off. there is loads of inspiration on pinterest and instagram, check out our friend Cassie Bustamante's feed to really expand your thoughts of what is possible! watch for small budgets, one-person jobs, and who said the whole wall had to be the same color...
    haven't you been wanting a fresh color in the living room? does that back closet that is jammed to the gills with junk need a good clean out? this type of activity is SO good for mental health.

    clean closet = clean mind

    make good use of those activity cancellations and give your home, and mind, a upgrade.

  4. stay purposeful!just a few days of doing nothing coupled with the stress and unknown aspects of this situation can take a toll on your mental health. be sure you are reading good books, working from home on a laptop, skype or facetiming your friends and family and generally staying lively and living with purpose. you can learn a new skill on youtube! or take an online yoga challenge! just keep your mind on positive challenges instead of worry and dispair. worrying is truly a waste of your good energy. being prepared and intentional is smart, but letting the doom and gloom overtake your rational thought is not healthy. write down three things that you've always wanted to try and do some research. i bet are things you can start right now to move towards that goal.

stay safe! carry your bandanas!! keep blazing those trails!

the jenni earle gang

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