mantra inspired yoga poses

mantra inspired yoga poses

September is national yoga month. We've only got a few days left to celebrate how wonderful yoga is for your physical and mental health. So we got together with our friend Darby, who is a yoga teacher to share some poses with you. I was curious how each pose connected to one of our Jenni Earle bandana mantras. Like a yoga pose, our mantras aim to center your mind and  your heart for what lies ahead.

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roam free as a butterfly

The butterfly pose, or bound angle pose, opens up your hips and stretches your inner thighs. This pose is grounding and calming. I like to think of grounding myself before I take off to roam around the woods or climb a mountain. If we are going to roam free and fly, having a steady foundation will help us return home when we need to renew ourselves. How do you ground yourself before taking flight like a butterfly?

tip: if your knees can't reach the ground in this pose, place a folded blanket under your bum to release tension and provide support.

Darby is wearing the 'roam free' bandana in our new color, lichen green!

tree pose: strong roots

We didn't make Darby change into a new bandana each time, for the photo shoot he wore 'roam free'. But the inspiration behind the tree pose is our new 'be brave' black bandana. Tree post establishes strength and balance in the legs while steadying and centering you. A tree may move (and lean a bit, I sure do when I try this pose!) in the wind but if its roots are deep then nothing can take it down. 'Be brave' was the very first bandana hand-dyed and designed by Jenni. We'll always return to this mantra because it is our roots.

high five yourself

The yogi squat does give you the chance to bring your hands together, and hey, maybe you deserve a high five! Our 'high-five yourself' bandana is all about celebrating YOU and the moments where you feel successful. The squat pose tones your legs, strengthens lower back muscles and engages your core.

hold fast

The final version of this pose, what Darby calls "climbing the tree" is to hold onto your toe - but for some of you, including myself, stopping around the ankle might be as far as you can go. This pose relaxes the lower back and stretches your hamstrings. Our legs carry us through many journeys and taking care of them is important to our walks - literal and metaphorical. Jenni designed the 'hold fast' bandana to remind us to stay on the courses that we set for ourselves, and that the universe places in front of us.

feel the fear, do it anyway

Upward facing dog is a chest opener. In this post be sure to keep your shoulders pulled apart and back so that your inhale stretches your ribcage as your lungs expand. This pose is alike a deep breath you take before doing something scary. Our mantra, 'feel the fear do it anyway', is the bandana to wear if you've got a challenge up ahead that is making you doubtful.

Take care of your self: your body and your heart. A Jenni Earle bandana is a talisman that you can carry with you for your yoga practice. When you are finished stretching, opening and grounding your body, take a mantra with you for the journey ahead.

be brave,


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