mental health: the loveland foundation

mental health: the loveland foundation

Mental health knows no boundaries: it can affect anyone, at any point. What does often have boundaries though, is mental health support, care and accessibility. In 2021 we chose to focus our giving on mental health support. 


In 2018, Rachel Cargle founded The Loveland Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing therapy for communities of color, particularly for Black women and girls. Rachel’s motivation was a response to her birthday wish fundraiser “Therapy for Black Women and Girls” which raised an impressive amount of money. 


“Black women and girls deserve access to healing, and that healing will impact generations”


We were so moved by the Loveland Foundation’s mission that we decided to donate a portion of sales from the limited edition “still I rise” bandana during spring of 2021. In August of 2021, we continued giving by donating 5% of net sales from all of our items. 


The Loveland Foundation supports communities of color in many ways: financial support for therapy, fellowships, residency programs and more. The therapy fund provides financial support for 4-12 sessions from partnership organizations. If you are a Black woman or girl you can apply to the therapy fund here. 


We encourage you to find ways to support the Loveland Foundation. Their website provides great opportunities whether you are an individual, represent a small business or corporation, or if you have a group that wants to become a giving circle.


Be a part of healing.



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