NEW BANDANA: ain't goin' down

NEW BANDANA: ain't goin' down

Holy Matilda... life can be hard as hell sometimes.

It can feel like all the cards in the deck are stacked against you and you are coming to the end of your patience. And then, another wallop threatens to take you down.

I’ve been through a time like that recently.
I didn’t think things could get harder, but they did... much.
I sat down to draw as a meditation, a way to quiet all the judgement and insecurity
for a moment and conjure some symbols that would help me feel strong.

I’m sharing these symbols with you, in this bandana, to use for your steep climbs:
the horseshoe - for luck and strength
the wishbone - because it’s always a good idea to make a wish and take a chance
the snake - for personal power
the cactus - with very little water and under very hot circumstances, the cactus blooms
the bloom - for hope

Here’s what I know for sure:
You will survive this trying time.
You will laugh boisterous belly laughs again.
You will take big, full, deep breaths and feel carefree.
You will feel insatiably curious about a new interest.
You will see possibilities for yourself that you didn’t think you could.

Gather your talismans, plant your feet and prepare to ride out the storm.
You are strong and brave and capable, trailblazer.
You ain’t goin down. (

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