new bandana: free as a bird

new bandana: free as a bird

Freedom is the ultimate goal for humans, in my opinion. It is the best feeling.

The feeling we equate to love, acceptance and safety. Pretty powerful stuff…

However the recent laws that have been coming down one by one feel like bars

around us. Like we are rolling society back to the 1950s. I thought about that

feeling and what symbols could be used to help remind us of our autonomy and

freedom. The quilt-like design illustrates society, how it can feel like certain

people/groups want us to lay down, go back to sleep and

stop paying attention to their archaic systems of power.

But those quilt squares are also suns and birds are flying freely amongst them.

Please remember that you, at your core, are not bound by anyone else’s

ideas of you or the rules of society. You can give yourself, your brilliant

heart and mind the gift of freedom at any moment you choose.

Look to the skies for this reminder, in reality and in this design. Birds don’t wait

for permission, they fly free, wings at a full spread, anywhere they want to go.

Their many feathers fluttering and dancing against the wind.

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