new bandana: fuck all y'all

new bandana: fuck all y'all

This mantra has been a necessary part of my authenticity journey. As soon as i started listening more closely to my voice than the opinions of others (because that’s all they are, opinions) I was surprised to feel how many people that I had faith in and respect for didn’t want what was best for me, they wanted what was best for them. They expected me to behave in a way that kept them comfortable and that kept me predictable. Um, no thank you, that does not feel good to me. From then on, whenever someone asked me to turn away from my authenticity in order to earn their love, I’d say "fuck all y'all" and go on along my way with a smile on my face. 


I urge you to try this out.



Y’all, life is meant to feel vibrant and joyful, not slugging from duty to duty. You can make little shifts each day to feel more aligned with your truth simply by asking, “does this make me feel stronger or weaker?” “ Am i turning towards my true self or away from it to carry out this task or RSVP?” Notice the answer, and do less of those things that make you abandon your true self. Little by little, your life will fill up with things that YOU define as fulfilling and true.


Hold this talisman to remind yourself that you already know what's best for you! and all those who think they know better can just go on and fuck the fuck off.

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