bandana story: i'm still standing

bandana story: i'm still standing

Each spring we launch two new bandana designs (psst: you can guarantee that you'll get these by signing up for our Wild Hearts Club). Sometimes a design is so popular that we bring it back. 

We're excited to announce that one of your faves is back in the store:

i'm still standing



When you make it through the dark tunnels of life and arrive, finally, into the light on the other side, it is important to pause and take note of your survival.

Celebrate that you are still standing.


This is not to be taken for granted. What you’ve been through is hard. Life is hard. The year 2020 has been one for the history books. We thought y’all could use a reminder that, even through all the muck and hard work, both internal and external...

you are still standing! 
although, there is still miles and miles to go, remember,
you are finding hope.
you are finding patience.
you are finding resilience.
you are resting.
you are laughing.
you are finding magic and wonder.
you are caring for yourself.
you are learning from your mistakes.
you are showing up to a new now with courage.
pause, just for a moment,
and give yourself recognition of that triumph.



design & details

We call this pinkish-beige dye sedona. The hatched and floral design elements are in an orange ink. 

The single flower in the corner is a simpler visual than some of our other bandanas, but it's a testament to how we can all feel after being knocked down: alone, but still growing. 

No matter what life throws at you, you're as strong as a flower busting through the cracks in a concrete sidewalk.

keep up that good work! you can do this
we are rooting you on each step of the way. 


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