NEW BANDANA: inch by inch

NEW BANDANA: inch by inch

if I could wish something into being, it would be that we ALL become our truest, most authentic versions of ourselves, because I have found that every step I take closer to that truest version is worth its weight in gold.

so how do we begin to get to that version of ourselves if right now we are covered up in work + laundry + caring for parents or children + worrying about the melting polar ice caps!to that I say


get out a piece of paper, write or draw a vision of yourself living your best life, write your curiosities, those times and activities where you feel the strongest, the most alive. where in your life do you want to shout to a passerby, “hey, come look at this, it’s amazing!”

THAT is your compass

that is what you hold as you navigate the path that is your life, at each turn, each obstacle, you have the choice to inch closer to that truest self or further away.



you can listen to others ideas for you or to media and inch, inch over that way, away from what is true for you OR listen to yourself, to your wild, beautiful heart and inch by inch become the person of your dreams.

I hope this talisman can help you persist and remember the long, winding path of your life is really made up of a thousand inches and every move you make, every step, every choice towards becoming more you, is a move worth making.

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