new bandana: let yourself bloom

new bandana: let yourself bloom


we’ve all seen those time-lapse nature videos of a flower blooming. the tight, tiny bud exploding in a big, bright burst of color in one second flat. it defies logic that, that much beauty and life had been contained in that bud.


if we could have that same time-lapse evidence of a human blooming, i think we would see something more like a half bloom and hold pattern.


the human flower would peak out of her bud cocoon and, depending on the feedback she gets from the outside world, either retreat back in the bud or hold fast at that half-bloom, not wanting to make waves by pushing too far.


can you even imagine seeing this behavior in nature?! a dahlia doesn't ask permission to blow our minds with her multitudes of color and beauty! she blooms, fully, whole.

so when we find ourselves bravely beginning to peel off those outer protective petals of our desires, beginning to show the world what is in our hearts and minds, but feel that hold pattern instinct set in, it is critical to ask that doubt to quiet down, even ask it to leave your body all together, and remind yourself that it's no ones business but yours how and when you bloom.


let your proverbial petals unfurl, spread open and wide, in all your brilliant color. take up all the space you need, trailblazer. consider this a permission slip to let yourself bloom!


jenni earle

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