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October 14, 2022
new bandana: my body, my choice
new bandana: my body, my choice
October 14, 2022

you asked and here it is: the jenni earle GREEN bandana for abortion rights!

a little history of the movement: The green bandanna made its debut in 2003 in the Argentine city of Rosario when the abortion rights group Catholics for the Right to Decide enlisted women’s sewing cooperatives to produce 3,000 of green bandanas for distribution at a women’s march. Marta Alanis, 73, a founder of the organization, said green — “the color of nature” — was chosen because it “signifies life and we’re confronted by a sector that calls itself pro-life and robs us of the word.”
read the full article here

The movement has caught on all over and has become the symbol of abortion rights activists around the world.

ours is hand dyed and printed to be used as a talisman for body autonomy
hand-drawn design with stylized hour glasses and plants. 
mantra 'my body, my choice' on one corner