new bandana: roll the dice

new bandana: roll the dice



i’ve been known to say that everything we do in this life that’s worth a damn starts with courage.

it starts with a calling to do something untested. this causes fear to swirl around deep in our belly. it makes our mouth go dry, some lightheadedness and that ol’ ever present voice in our head that begs us to sit back down and be quiet.

that is the ‘safe’ path... to sit down and stay quiet.

but luckily, we also have a voice in us that asks, “what if…”

what if we rolled the dice and tried?

what if we sign up for that audition, apply to that program, volunteer with that organization, start that business, book that flight? what would it feel like? would we look differently at ourselves in the mirror if we showed up with courage to this calling?

you WILL look & feel differently, i promise you that.

because courage doesn’t have the outcome in mind, it has the effort.

that warm, affirming pride that we get to feel after taking a risk

comes from the trying, not the result. it comes from the action, that roll of the dice.

i made this talisman to give you a little kick in your rump and to put a little luck on your side.


jenni earle


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