new! embellishments

new! embellishments

Just in time for the gift-giving season, you can now embellish any bandana and make it the most special. 

We designed each of our bandanas with a special mantra but we wanted to create a way to make our hand-dyed talismans even more unique.


The stitching is done by the hands of our friends at Bloom Collective. You can choose one of two colors for the embellishment stitching, ivory or black.



Then, choose your design. Embellish a bandana with your initials (or any set of letters, up to 3). We also have our signature horseshoe design which is a symbol that brings luck and strength. 

Our products are meant to be personal and bring encouraging words to others, and now you can share our mantras in a specifically personal way.


give hope this season 
be brave



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