NEW: leather bandana slides

NEW: leather bandana slides

One of our favorite makers, Emma Wallace, has sent us a new batch of leather bandana slides. Each slide is made of genuine oiled leather with three options for the leather design. This batch includes slides studded with a turquoise-colored stone! Emma founded Narrow Lines Co. and designs each piece by hand. We are so lucky that she makes custom bandana slides just for Jenni Earle!

A leather slide is a great way to dress up your bandana style. Check out styles on our how-to-wear page, the Scout [below] and the Girboss.

The Scout

One of my favorite details on our banana slides is the back stitching. Seeing the structure of a handmade piece is such a beautiful reminder that it was made with intention, by a dedicated human.

You've got three choices (or none at all, get all of them if you want!): plain with dotted line border, tri-line cross pattern, or a scalloped border design. Each design is beautiful in its own way, and made from genuine re-purposed leather.

We put each leather slide design in action with a few of our bandanas: 'explore more', 'roam free', and of course, 'be brave'. For a more personal bandana choice, check out our limited offer Dye-I-Y your own 'be brave' bandana. We'll send you a white 'be brave' design with instructions on how to make your own dye, and folding patterns to create a colorful dyed design.

Summer is heating up, but autumn is around the corner. This time of year is perfect bandana-wearing weather; wipe the sweat from your brow on a hot afternoon, or keep your neck toasty warm during cool evenings. Add a leather bandana slide to the mix and you've got a great look.

be brave
be authentic


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