NEW: letterpress prints

NEW: letterpress prints

We have another way for you to bring encouraging words with you on your journey: letterpress prints.

The words inscribed on our products are there to remind you of what you are capable of: amazing things. There is so much adventure in the possibility of life, and encouraging mantras can help you realize your dreams. We know, from experience, that the journey to manifesting your inner bravery is not always an easy road; that’s why our mantras remind you to ‘keep on truckin’‘.

Our hand-designed letterpress prints bring encouraging words into your space.

the prints

‘feel the fear, do it anyway’

feel the fear, do it anyway’ print with copper metallic ink

‘hell yeah’

hell yeah’ print with indigo ink

‘chin up buttercup’

chin up buttercup’ print with mustard ink

the story

Our story began with a bandana sticking out of grandpa Earl’s back pocket. Our purpose: to inspire courage and authenticity in every person that wears our handmade bandanas. A bandana is meant to be worn, used, carried, and tied-on. Our bandanas are talismans that carry power in the words that remind you of your strength.

Now, with the original‘be brave’ bandana a best seller (and so many other bandanas to choose from) we have started to expand our imaginations to think up new, authentic ways to share courage and authenticity with you. Our thoughts wandered to your homes. What do you surround yourself with to create you unique place?

We teamed up with a local print shop, Pinecrest Printery, to develop inks and an authentic production process. Jenni Earle letterpress prints are produced on original presses from the 1950s. The art of letterpress printing is an old tradition (500 years!) and printery owner Alan Henderson is keeping it alive. Alan’s story is similar to Jenni’s: his love of colors and patterns came from his grandmother. He named the shop after his memory of ‘pinecrest’ printed on the side of a barn on his grandmother’s property.

mantras for your space

We wanted a way for you to bring inspiration and encouragement into your spaces. For the outdoor adventurer and the work-from-home entrepreneur, or the stay at home mom, our letterpress prints are talismans for your walls.

There is joy in working with fellow local artists and craftspeople to create something beautiful and meaningful. Joy, courage, bravery, and comfort are all things to be found in the designs, words and ink of our new letterpress prints.

be brave

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