NEW: playing cards

NEW: playing cards

It's week three of all treats, no tricks! Every Friday during the month of October we are launching a new product to bring you comfort, fun and connection.

This week we are introducing our new playing cards! Bring some playfulness and joy into your day.

Jenni has wanted to design cards for a long time. (This might be her favorite thing she has ever designed.) Jenni shares,

I have always loved playing cards. Early on with the whole family around the table we'd play UNO. We still do! Pre-Covid 19, I had a weekly game with my neighbors that was an anchor point that I've missed so much.

The cards are made by United States Playing Cards Company. Rather than use face cards, each card features a flower that holds a special meaning. A peony to signify compassion, lavender to represent comfort in solitude, aster for patience.

Right now, we can all use opportunities for fun, especially with other people. A set of playing cards is a way to gather around a table, and connect with friends and family.

p.s. don't forget to check out instagram for giveaways!

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