new product: beanies + woven patches

new product: beanies + woven patches

Just in time for those chilly nights and (fingers crossed) snow days: Jenni Earle beanies! This classic woven piece is perfect to add to any outfit, and of course, with any bandana

These cozy hats are made in the U.S.A and we’re bring you two colors: black and rust. 

The best part about a Jenni Earle beanie is the unique woven patch. You’ve got two great choices!

Rust beanie with ‘good luck’ woven patch


"luck is believing you're lucky" is a quote from Tennessee Williams that has long been a favorite of Jenni’s. It flips the concept of luck on its head. Luck isn’t something that comes to us with the discovery of a four leaf closer, or because we dodged that black cat under the ladder. Luck is with us when we decide we are lucky. When we believe we are worthy of all the blessings, laughter and possibility that life has to offer. 

If you want to try something new and bold, go for it. Luck is already within you!

Black beanie with ‘hell yeah’ woven patch

The essence of “hell yeah” is that moment when your eyes are wide open, you are seeing all the magic around you, and it feels like you are in the exact right place at the right time.

This can be something you notice as it is happening, feeling that surge of gratitude, so you shout “hell yeah”! Or, it can be a practice for when you are a little out of whack and feel a need to realign with your possibilities.

Pay close attention, the world is whispering its magic to you. I promise. 

The patches look great on a beanie, but we also made them with our favorite jean jacket, or that handy canvas tote you always carry around. 

Be brave


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