new product: journals!

new product: journals!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love words. Everything we make–bandanas, beanies (on sale!), notecards, shirts–has words handcrafted into the design. Our story started with a bandana, and a phrase: be brave. This phrase is more than that, it’s a mantra. The mantras on our products are meant to be reminders; reminders that you are brave, beautiful, strong, and capable. Everything we make is a talisman, made of cotton, paper, leather or brass. 


We’ve launched something new, and it includes a mantra, but it also allows you to write your own words. Say hello to Jenni Earle journals


Each journal is 5.5” x 8.5”. They are the perfect size to throw in a bag before your next adventure. There are 60 pages in each journal. Every page is lined on one side and blank on the other so you can write or draw, or both! We support writers and doodlers alike. The journals are made of domestically sourced paper and feature a hand-drawn design on the cover. 


Printed by Pinecrest Printery, a local shop just up the hill from us! (they also print our straw paper notecards!) We are so excited to work with Alan Henderson, a local maker of sustainable goods. Bringing paper talismans to life with another sustainable creator and maker in the same city as the Jenni Earle ranch is just a dream come true.


Which mantra suits you? ‘trust yourself’, ‘let yourself bloom’ or ‘blaze a trail’? (psst! Each of these mantras is also on a bandana!) What words do you want to put on the page? What idea is blooming in your mind and needs a sketch to come to life?


Grab a pencil or a pen. 

Be brave. 



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