NEW: wild rag

NEW: wild rag

It's our final week of all treats and no tricks! Each Friday of this month we have been launching a new product (check out treats from other weeks: shibori dyed crop T, the 'own your power'  black crop T, letterpress notecards, and playing cards!)

For the last treat we launched the 'roam free' Wild Rag!


We used the same shibori dye technique that we use on our original Wild Rag but we've mixed a variety of colors to get a lovely camel color. The shibori process uses ties, knots and pinching of the fabric to create the striated fades of color.

For the 'roam free' Wild Rag we fold the fabric and tie a big knot at the center which creates a powerful eyeball or diamond pattern in the center. If you look closely you can see the green and yellow dyes separated near the center. Just another reminder that each product is unique because it is handmade.

Jenni designed the feather embroidery and print pattern in the corner. The mantra 'roam free' is a reminder that sometimes the best way to get your mind free, is to get your feet out into the world and move around.

be brave!


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