No president will save you

No president will save you

Watching the presidential and vice presidential debates has been tough: our country is polarized and there has been a lot of hurt during the past eight months. I'm happy to share a letter from one of our team members here at the ranch, Kari. We call her our Chief Deer Priestess; she is full of wisdom, beauty and powers of healing. Her words arrived just in time.

We’ve been given a gift this year. I know, I know, hear me out. We’ve all experienced loss and fear and uncertainty, but we have also been given a gift. 

We have had the rug of complacency and preconceived notions pulled right out from under us. This affords us the opportunity to make a choice.

Either we endlessly fall because we have no external net of the known to catch us, or we anchor in to our inner Knowing and hold ourselves. For many of us, this is an atrophied muscle: this inner Knowing, trusting our gut, following our intuition.

the Knowing

I just want to remind you today, we cannot wait for any president to save us, save this country, or save the world. 

You have the Knowing inside of you, the next right step for you. You have a life that you are living that can positively impact all of the people around you.

I have seen regular, individual people raise huge sums of money in days through gofundme for people in need. I have seen people sheltering one another through fires and hurricanes. I have witnessed people around the country break out their sewing machines and create masks for frontline workers and others. I have seen people pivot their business models to work in this new paradigm. I know that we can come together in unison for the greater good of our community. Regardless of what happens on November 3rd, this is an unsettling thought I know, but it will not change how we show up to our individual lives. 

listen to your truth

The way to start rebuilding your inner Knowing is by getting quiet and listening to YOUR voice, to your truth, to hearing the next right step for you. Such as, getting off of Facebook and putting that phone down and going outside and taking a walk. Let your only goal be listening to your breath and being present with the details in nature; the smells, the leaf colors, the temperature of the air. Get into your body! Is that biking, running, jumping on a trampoline or yoga? Writing in a journaI? 

I use a method called Morning Pages by the Artist’s Way, however, I have changed it to suit myself and I call it my brain dump. I will write down anything floating through my mind, anything from thoughts and feelings to grocery lists and inspirations in any order they spill out. I clear my head so that I can do the next thing. Getting still and quiet, and as Glennon Doyle says, sinking underneath the’ shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ to listen to your Knowing. It is in there, I promise you. Be patient with yourself. You don’t build abs of steel overnight, neither will the Knowing be loud in the beginning. 

As you practice listening to your Knowing it will grow louder and more recognizable.

set intentions

Set an intention for your day each day. Whatever that looks like to you; being more patient, learning about something new, being more innovative in your thinking, or hitting a goal. You choose to bring your vibrant intention to life each day. You are in control of this, no one else. 

This is our call to action my dear beautiful, amazing, strong friends. This is our great opportunity. It is time that we become whole, autonomous, sovereign beings. No more looking at what others are doing wrong and complaining and wishing they would just think like “us”. No more holding our breath waiting for a cure, an end or a president. We’ve been given this gift and opportunity. Let us be brave enough to become ourselves and then we will save our world. 

With so much love,

Kari, aka Chief Deer Priestess 

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