nurturing your divine feminine with be free rooted

nurturing your divine feminine with be free rooted

Wellness is more than just self-care. Many of our previous wellness posts and tips focus on individual work: such as ways to relax, or how to deal with stress, but wellness for the self can affect those around you, a larger community and even the world. While we are each individual, our actions, and energies, permeate the spaces in which we exist. The Divine Feminine is an energy that exists in everyone and responds, in a way, to our individual rituals. 


To explore this I interviewed Kari, a member of the Jenni Earle gang. We are so lucky--beyond lucky: blessed--to have Kari as our friend, and team member. She founded a practice that focuses on wellness journeys and healing practices called Be Free Rooted.


She’s our resident expert on the Divine Feminine so I sought her out to understand more deeply what the divine feminine is, how it relates to her work, and how it can be a part of our lives. 


  1. What is Be Free Rooted? How, and when, did you begin this work? 


Free Rooted is what I named my wellness journey which then turned into a space to reflect, and offer healing services. I have a degree in psychology and have always been fascinated with the human spirit. I am also deeply committed to discovering how to live a purposeful, intentional life. I really began a deep dive into what I would call my awakening back in 2012. As time went on, I became trained and attuned in Reiki (a form of energy healing work) and I wanted to share this modality and the feelings of peace and liberation I was experiencing with others. 



2. I see on your website that "authentic living" and "undeniably grounded in the truth of yourself, freeing you to soar" are the mantras that motivate you. Can you talk a bit more about those? 


So, the name 'free rooted' was derived from my desire to be free of old patterns and limiting beliefs. I want to be rooted and centered in myself, and deeply connected to the earth and all of its inhabitants. During my awakening journey, I discovered that I was watching other people that I thought were doing things the "right" way and I was emulating them. This really became a theme for me when I became a mom. 


At the time I didn't realize it, but looking back, I didn't feel confident and I did not have full access to my inner guidance. That led me to following the crowd a lot, because my tiny inner voice was getting drowned out by well meaning family and the mainstream culture. Eventually, I became more conscious of what my family was consuming: food, media, non eco-friendly items and my inner voice got a little louder about making sure I was making choices based on what was best for them and the earth. So, I got curious about how I could do things differently and I began to grow. 


Those mantras signify to me that when you truly begin to listen to your inner guidance, the uniqueness of who you are will be amplified and that's what the world needs: your unique perspective. Tap into your authentic self, and then you feel free, you can soar! 



3. What is the 'divine feminine'? 


To me, the divine feminine is an energy that is ancient, balanced, nurturing, wise, loving, community centered, solution oriented, deeply attuned to the earth and heavenly bodies, in-sync with the existence of all life, wild and untamed. It is unafraid of the void, the emptiness, the shadow self, the Unknown that creates and births new life in every format. Basically, the divine feminine is a fearless, benevolent goddess energy. 


4. Why do we need to nurture the divine feminine?


We need to nurture the divine feminine because our entire existence is out of balance right now. Distorted masculine energy has dominated earth for so long. This looks like constructing things without considering the long term community and environmental impact (nuclear weapons is one large example, farming that strips the land of all nutrients, plastic, etc.), competition over community, using force and fear as domination tactics, requiring tangible proof of something in order to believe it exists, not allowing feelings to hinder "progress" and "success", absolutism about what is "right" and "wrong". The masculine energy is not negative. It is necessary for structure, foundation and bringing ideas into reality. The divine masculine knows how to balance divine feminine energy, but because divine feminine has been oppressed for so long, the balance has been lost. 


Divine feminine energy used to be revered because it could sit in the shadows of the unknown and intuitively feel into what was true for its people and all earth beings. The divine masculine listened and co-created worlds and order around those Knowings brought in by the feminine. It should be a beautiful dance between these two energies. We must embrace the divine femine again if we want the earth to continue to exist. 


5. What are ways to nurture? Any stories?


Ways to nurture your Divine Feminine, (which is in every body)


Let yourself feel all of your feelings. Do not try to escape them by running, distracting, numbing or suppressing. Feelings are information, and they are not permanent. They will not take you over and destroy you. 


Trust the butterflies in your stomach:

 the chill on your neck and skin or the red-flag thought that pops up in your head. That is your intuition, your inner guidance doing it's job. When you begin trusting it and acting in accordance with it, it becomes louder and easier to discern. 


Get comfortable sitting in the unknown. 

If you do not know the answer or have an immediate solution to something, don't force it or over analyze and overthink it. Sit in the fear of not knowing what to do. This is where great creations and solutions are born. Let go of the fear of not having everything figured out. The magic lies beyond that fear. I promise. 


Create rituals for yourself that honor your divinity. 

You are an extension of a God or Life Source made manifest on this earth. You could tap into the elements of the earth by lighting candles, taking baths, taking nature walks, lying in the grass and stargazing. You can meditate, drink coffee and do yoga. Whatever you do, do it with the intention to honor yourself. This is not selfish. It is critical for you to thrive and for earth's survival. 


Recognize that you are SO much more than this physical body having this earthly experience

You are limitless potential. You are pure Source energy. I have a quote hanging in my house that reads: "there is nothing that cannot happen today". Know that. Deep in your bones, your cells and your energetic body, let yourself know that. You are only limited by your intention.


6. How do you nurture your divine feminine?


I nurture my divine femimine by sitting quietly every morning with a cup of cacao on my screened porch and just being with myself. I have no agenda other than to experience myself and the nature surrounding me. During this time I journal. 


I dance...I let my body move however it wants to. It feels very wild, sensual and primal, like I am tapping into the earth's energy and letting it move up and through me. I may be dancing to open up my physical body, move stagnant energy or let go of old beliefs or emotions that are no longer serving me. 


I drum. Experiencing the rhythmic beat that is part of everything lets me tap into the deep recesses of Knowings within myself to let them be remembered. 


I sing, hum and chant to myself. The vibration of your own vocal cords are a healing instrument for yourself. 


I get outside and put my feet or body on the earth. I imagine that I am growing roots into her and reconnecting. 


I like to do things that let me feel wild and true and real. I like to cast off all of the cultural constructs for a bit. 

I meditate and do breath work. These physical activities help me move beyond this temporal daily life and tap into the highly intuitive part of me that is waiting in different brainwave states. 


I practice yoga. This is a good way to combine meditating, breathwork and bodywork all into one. 


I try my best not to compare myself to others and fall into the culture of competition over community. I honor my unique journey. 




7. We ask all our interviewees to pick their favorite Jenni Earle bandana. Which one is yours?

Since I am part of the jenni earle gang, it’s really difficult to pick a favorite, but I have to say 'trust yourself'. I wear it as a reminder to never, ever abandon myself  again. Being my authentic self is the only self who can truly be of real service.


Be brave,


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