we so often confuse personal power with power over another, for example “if I own my power, someone else has to lose theirs.” I want to set the record straight on this, at least according to me. your power is something that lives IN and FOR you specifically. it has nothing to do with anyone else and it’s not unkind to claim your voice and strength and use it.

YOU are in charge because it’s YOUR life.

you owning your power is that straightening of the spine we feel when we say something TRUE (even if we start by saying it just to ourselves). this truth often starts with “I need” (and finishing that sentence can feel really scary. i know it does, y’all).

“I need to take walks by myself so I can hear my own voice uninterrupted.”
“I need to leave my job.”
“I need to explore this new curiosity!”

POWER is stating these things as FACTS, not questions. these are the moments when we own our authority and autonomy. we step even further into our power when we make good on those statements, by actually taking the time to DO THE THINGS to fill those needs or HOLD the boundaries that the statements constructed.

you already have this inherent, strong, beautiful, important, benevolent power within you. it is your birthright to claim it and breathe life into it! breathe YOUR life into it.
you are in charge of the ways in which you use your voice and effort on this earth.
it’s just waiting for you to claim it.
so go on, take charge... OWN YOUR POWER!


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