perfect mothers day gift

perfect mothers day gift

What’s the perfect mother's day gift for the woman who gave you life? Or, what is a great gift for your foster mom, favorite lady, female mentor, stand-in maternal figure? I’ve got a few reasons why our bandanas, and accessories are the answer. 

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stylish for mom

There are loads of ways to wear a Jenni Earle bandana. Honestly, any way you wear it is going to look good - not because of our handmade talismans - but because it’s YOU wearing it (or your mom). 

Tie it in a fancy knot for an understated, yet classic look, or use a bandana slide to create a more traditional ‘southwestern’ look. We’ve got handmade leather slides as well as gorgeous silver and brass ones. 

[caption id="attachment_3544" align="aligncenter" width="300"]history of the bandanaleather bandana slide [with stud][/caption]

useful gift

In our last post we shared the many ways that a bandana is useful, reusable and earth-friendly. We’ll say it again here: a bandana is the perfect mother’s day gift because it’s more than something pretty [though it really is beautiful]. 

My mother keeps one in her purse or jacket pocket during the winter for sniffles and runny noses. We aren’t prissy about bandana use around here. Bandanas are meant to get dirty. Don’t believe us? Read about the history of our Wild Rag (one of our newest additions and another great gift idea).  

a meaningful mother’s day

Each bandana holds a mantra in the corner. Our bandanas are talismans: items of importance and meaning that imbue the wearer with power. You can find the perfect words for your mother in our collection. 

Be brave; keep on truckin’; blaze a trail; trust yourself. Find the most empowering words you can share with a woman, friend, or parental figure who gave you the power to be you. Not sure which one to pick? Don’t worry, you can create a unique set, or check out one of our pre-made sets

Wanderlust Gift Set

she’ll be proud to wear it

We make our bandanas from 100% cotton, that is grown, milled and sewn right here in the USA. We dye each bandana by hand, and the printing is done in Winston-Salem, NC. This is a product that mom can be proud to wear. When you buy a Jenni Earle bandana you are supporting a small, woman-owned business that is dedicated to sustainable practices.  

Value the mother in your life. We hope that our perfect mother's day gift makes an important day that much better.

be brave
be adventurous


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