Pre-Sale: Ruth Bader Ginsburg ltd. edition bandana

Pre-Sale: Ruth Bader Ginsburg ltd. edition bandana

RIP RBG. She was a force, a subtle, powerful, beautiful force. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a co-founder of the Women's Rights Movement at the ACLU. During her career she focused on establishing equal rights for women; in her words:

"Women's rights are an essential part of the overall human rights agenda, trained on the equal dignity and ability to live in freedom all people should enjoy."

As a woman-owned business we are proud to release a limited edition Ruth Bade Ginsburg bandana. Right now the bandana is on PRE-SALE, so get your RBG bandana quick! A portion of the sale will go to the ACLU.

i dissent 


Ginsburg was a champion for equal pay (when she realized that as a lawyer she was paid less than her male colleagues), she wrote the majority opinion that qualified women could not (and to this day cannot) be denied admission to a military institute. RBG authored an impressive number of opinions from the court, and it's no surprise that we want to remember her.

If you are a woman, you can thank RBG for:

  • A decision in 1996 that ruled it unconstitutional for state-funded schools to bar the admission of women
  • The ability to sign a mortgage and have a bank account (previous to RBG you had to have a male co-signer)
  • Her vote was crucial to keeping the Roe v. Wade decision established (a woman's right to choose)
  • You can't get fired for being pregnant. (Ginsburg herself had to hide a pregnancy when she taught at Columbia)
  • You can marry whoever you want!

"real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time"

The center design of this bandana is one of our favorite Ginsburg quotes. Though she is gone, there is still so much change that needs to happen. Life can feel overwhelming, especially after the year we've had so far, but we can absolutely keep taking one step at a time.

Jenni Earle designs talismans that you can carry with you on your journey. The mantras on our bandanas are a reminder of what you can do, what you can tell yourself, how you can find the courage to be brave. Let's carry the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and find the courage to say 'i dissent' when we see injustice.


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