some encouraging mantras, in new colors!

some encouraging mantras, in new colors!

Designing mantra-based products in the time of coronavirus was different. Our goods are being used as protective face masks (for the grocery runs and whatnot, I know it’s not medical grade, please don’t write in to explain PPE to me). Our mantras are meaning more to people as we make, what we hope will be, real and lasting strides in racial equality. And we all need a big ol’ pause button on life so we can take deep, fearless breaths of air, not worried about what particulates may be within it. 

It is with that in mind that we added additional color options for our three most popular mantras; be brave, hell yeahand roam free.

'be brave' black

I'll admit that this is my favorite. I've wanted Jenni Earle to make a black bandana for a long time. How badass would I - and any of our trailblazers - look in a black bandana? Now it's here and it's tied around my neck at this very moment. Our super-talented dye team nailed down a beautifully deep black. The 'be brave' mantra and hatch-mark design stands out even more in white ink.

'roam free' lichen

The first 'roam free' bandana was printed on an off-white dyed fabric with a black ink. But now! 'Roam free' is printed on an earthy lichen (you "like-n" what you're seeing here?) with the mountain-inspired design printed in a tan ink. Roam around outside and don't be afraid to get this one dirty on the journey.

'hell yeah' oyster

You have magic all around you. Hell yeah! This talisman is full of moxie and we're excited to offer it in a new, light color. The oyster fabric sets off the indigo dye stunningly. This bandana color switch is close to an inversion. If you recall, the original 'hell yeah' bandana fabric is dyed a twilight indigo, which is the color of the ink on the new one. Carry this mantra with you night and day.

These three new color choices foster calm and comfort. The true black of be brave and the lichen green of roam free anchors the set in strength and stability, while the airy silver of hell yeah allows for daydreaming and whimsy. This color family is just what we need in the time we are living in. Strong and grounded with room to breathe.

Remember that we are rooting for you each and every day. 

Rest when needed, call deep on that beautiful courage and keep on keepin’ on! 

jenni & elise


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