styling a bandana face mask

styling a bandana face mask

Three months ago [how has it already been more than three months of pandemic-life?], we wrote about how to wear a Jenni Earle bandana as a face mask. Unfortunately face-mask wearing is still a thing. Actually, it's a highly recommended practice that truly works to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or the coronavirus. Oddly enough, wearing a face mask is starting to feel normal. Last week I ordered a pack of five masks with various cloth patterns because I wanted more color and style choices.

Face masks are becoming stylish. By that I mean, they are becoming a part of our outfits, and our self-expression during these crazy times.

A bandana is a great option for a face mask. Our bandanas are made from high-quality, cotton grown right here in the United States. If you're curious how to fold and wear a bandana as a face mask, check out our video.

Wait! Before you go out, consider the safest mask options based on recent news and studies. If a bandana is your face mask choice, due to the most up-to-date information we recommend face mask fold #1 below.

 face mask + hat

Yes it works! Like I said, face masks are beginning to feel more...normal. When I first began wearing a face mask I felt like there was too much going on with my face: glasses, mask, how to breathe without fogging up my glasses. Wearing a hat seems like over accessorizing. Well that's just plain untrue.

The key to making a face mask work with a mask is to use the square fold method. Folding option #1 makes for a lower profile mask, which leaves room for your statement hat to steal the show. Please note the pro tip! Give the ends of the bandana a twist as you tie them around your head.

face mask fold #1




face mask color choice

One benefit of using a Jenni Earle bandana as a face mask is the amount of colors you have to choose from! The functionality of how you fold a bandana matters a lot, but the next priority is color! Jenni's denim chambray look is accented by the gold 'trust yourself' bandana design. The yellows in the bandana deepen and brighten the blues in her shirt and jean shorts.

Note: another side effect of face mask normalization is the hilarious observation that wearing a face covering AND sunglasses is no longer creepy.

anchor the mask

There may not always be time to fold a bandana into a neat square. Or, perhaps fold #1 doesn't work for you. The simple solution is our face mask style #2. Just fold once diagonally, tie a knot at the bottom and tie around the back of your head. The knot is absolutely crucial for this style option. By tying the knot, the bandana remains in place and gathers around your chin. This folding option prevents the loose ends of the bandana from flying up into your eyes or exposing your mouth (which would defeat the whole purpose of a face mask!).

The beautiful example of this bandana style features the 'keep on truckin' design. If you want a fancier version of this style, scroll back up to the feature photo at the top. Using a handmade leather bandana slide instead of a knot can spruce up your look.

face mask fold # 2


relax! It's just a face mask

Everything I said above is true, BUT you can also rock a bandana in a more traditional cowboy style. Fold your bandana in half diagonally and tie it on up! This stye complements drapey summer coverups, loose dresses and wild hair. The 'roam free' bandana is an easy styling choice because the off-white dye goes with anything.

We can get through this covid-19 pandemic y'all. We truly can. Please continue to wear a mask out in public, wash your hands, and lookup testing facilities near your home. We CAN get through this, but only through cooperation, collaboration and of course looking good in a face mask.

be brave
be authentic
be safe


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