the best Father's Day gift

the best Father's Day gift

what do I get for dad?!

I never know what to get my father as a gift. Holidays, birthdays, yes even Father’s Day, I find myself calling my mother and my sister to get some ideas. What do I get a man that has one interest, and by this time in his life has accumulated any and everything he could want to pursue that hobby? 

My father is a bicyclist. He is this kind of cyclist: wake up at 6am on the weekend and ride one-hundred miles on the road (to a mountain, up the mountain, back down and home). You may remember that I hiked the Appalachian Trail(and wrote about it for Jenni Earle) so who am I to judge long-distance feats of perseverance and self-torture? I am not one to judge, in fact, I’m proud of my dad. I always want to celebrate him on Father’s Day and this year I may just have the thing. 

dads wear bandanas too!

The Jenni Earle ranch (what we like to call our office) is full of amazing women, (and an incredible dude who helps dye our beautiful bandanas) but don’t let that fool you into thinking that we make bandanas only for women. Men can pull off a bandana with an uplifting mantra printed in the corner. While we do believe that women need to hear encouraging words, that doesn’t mean that we think men do not. Men are human and need inspiration to carry the same as anyone else.

This Father’s Day, inspire your dad to be his most courageous and authentic self.

words for father's day

This September my father is riding his bike across the country. I’ve already given him two books written by cross-country riders, I know he has more than enough bicycle gear, he is riding with a touring company so they’ve got all his amenities taken care of, and then I realized what he didn’t have. A bandana

When I take a long-distance hiking trip I always bring a bandana or two. A bandana is the perfect item for a bike trip: keep sweat off your face, dip in cold water to cool your neck, clean bike grease off your hands, or tie around your neck on a cool morning. I know his favorite color is green so maybe Feel the Fear, but Good Luck and Explore More also seem like some good words to give him on Father’s Day. 

I know that carrying a talisman on his journey will keep my father's spirits lifted, and remind him of his strength and courage.

be brave
be adventurous

- elise

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