the perfect gift for 3 special occassions

the perfect gift for 3 special occassions

Hey! We love all of your trailblazers. Every. Single. One. We (obviously) think you all need a bandana in your life, and of course it makes a great gift. It is always exciting when other people think that too! 


Last year Martha Stewart picked our bandanas as a perfect gift for the guy (but we say anyone) in your life. Now, that was for the holidays. A Jenni Earle bandana is THE perfect gift for any occasion. 



Celebrating something exciting in life often comes with the word congratulations! Maybe your friend had a baby, or your partner got a promotion. Perhaps YOU did something: accepted to college, graduate school, or you got that business loan you’ve been applying for. Whatever it is we’ve got the perfect gift:


hell yeah!

The ‘hell yeah’ bandana comes in two colors —indigo, and oyster— and this mantra is ready to celebrate! We made this bandana for that moment when your eyes are wide open, you are seeing all the magic around you and it feels like you are in the exact right place at the right time. 


high five yourself

Anytime someone does something that deserves some celebration around the Jenni Earle ranch we say ‘high five yourself’! This mantra celebrates the part of yourself that recognizes that you did good for yourself (or the recipient of your gift). 



Comfort in tough times

Gifts aren’t always given during happy times and we know this quite well. Sometimes grief, loss, and struggle are the perfect time to give yourself, a friend, a family member or a co-worker something to provide encouragement and comfort. We’ve got bandanas for these times too.


take courage

The vintage teal bandana features butterflies in the design as a reminder that something beautiful can and will come from a difficult transformation. This is a gift that says, ‘here is courage, take it with you and keep it close’. Our bandanas are talismans that can be carried, so courage is literally with you at all times


i’m still standing 

Tough times can knock you down. You may stay down for longer than you want, but you will get up again. This bandana is a perfect gift to remind someone that they will stand up again, or to celebrate in a quiet way that they are standing because they did get up. 


be brave

The original bandana gift from Jenni Earle. This is the design that started it all, and it’s still a favorite today. ‘Be brave’ in black or river blue, is a gift that gives courage through bravery. 


New chapter of life

This time of year high school and college graduations are going on all over the country. Young people are getting ready to start a new chapter of life. For the rest of us, there are new chapters too! New job? Moving to a new city? Did your friend quit their job to start their dream business?

There are new beginnings every day. A Jenni Earle bandana is the perfect gift for all of these moments:


Feel the fear do it anyway

We all fear. We all have things we know need to change. This bandana is inspired by the myth of the phoenix: the bird rose from the ashes of a fire, but the story begins by the phoenix setting herself on fire. Knowing what you have to do, realizing that it will be very hard, and then choosing to do it anyway—that’s what this gift is for, those moments. 


Trust yourself

First of all, this banana has a great dye color name: flannel camel! More importantly, what makes this the perfect gift for a new chapter in your life, or your friend’s life, is the mantra that speaks to listening to one’s inner voice. During times of change we’ve got to listen to ourselves and trust our gut, our intuition and our heart. 


Blaze a trail

Celebrating a new chapter of life with a gift means reminding the recipient that they may be going down a road that no one has before. New chapters mean new trails! This bandana gift has our signature horseshoe at the center of it and the mantra reminds us to see different ways of moving forward and then following that path.



Whatever you are celebrating, or honoring, a Jenni Earle bandana is the perfect gift.



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