What I hope to learn from RBG

What I hope to learn from RBG

There are many things that I love about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That's why I designed a limited edition bandana with the mantra 'i dissent'.

As I went back over her legacy in my mind a few things struck me:

she was ever changing

ever curious 

not rooted in one belief over another 

she sought to understand more and do better 

she didn’t have a strangle-hold on how she saw the world, she listened, observed, participated, studied and evolved 

The strength of her conviction was anchored in her tireless pursuit of what is fair and true. That is so damn refreshing. We should all take a breath when we are arguing our side of an issue, and drink in some of that RBG goodness. Listen, really listen. Roll things around in our own mind and see what comes back to the surface. It might be that we think just the same as we did before OR it could be that we see a new sliver of light on the topic. 

Perspectives are supposed to evolve because people are supposed to evolve! 

We are supposed to come to better understand our fellow humans and hopefully, hopefully take better care of each other and ourselves. 

The gratitude I feel that a saint of a human like Ruth Bader Ginsberg used her talents and glorious brain to make our world better is limitless. She woke up each day and decided to look at the ways of our world with fresh eyes and peel back the layers of traditional belief and call bullshit whenever she saw it. 

By staying curious and open to the possibility that we don’t quite have it all figured out yet, she blazed trails and opened doors and handed each of us a ticket to a full, self-defined life. 

we will miss you always! thank you Justice Ginsberg!!


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