what is a wild rag?

what is a wild rag?

I hope you all saw our newest product (link to product page) and read all about our launch (link to new style launch blog post). We are so excited about the first Jenni Earle Wild Rag. Our navy blue and embroidered rag is 4x the size of a bandana for extra wrapping, tying, styling and warmth! 




History of the wild rag


A bandana is really well-known, but a wild rag, not so much. Some argue that a bandana is a wild rag, but a wild rag isn’t a bandana. Functionally speaking, they are one and the same: a stylish, yet very functional piece of fabric. The Cowboy Accountant describes a wild rag in this post: a scarf worn about the neck for both work and play. In cold climates the wild rag is wrapped twice around the neck (that extra-large size I talked about) to keep the wearer warm. 


The best thing about a wild rag is a versatility of style and function. Wear it to keep you warm, or wear it with a leather slide for a more stylish look. 



Photo credit Brit West


Historically, the wild rag was worn by cowboys and cowgirls; as far back as the 1800’s. The primary use of a wild rag was protection from the cold, dirt, sun and wind. Way back when wild rags were made out of anything a cowboy could find to cut and tie around his neck. More traditionally, and recently, wild rags are made of silk. The Jenni Earle Wild Rag is made of wonderfully soft (and regionally sourced) cotton -- so it’s extra soft right out of the box. 



How to tie a wild rag


How you tie your wild rag depends on the occasion. Are you working outside? Going to a social event? Cowgirl Magazine compiled a few videos on three ways to tie your wild rag. A South Dakota cowgirl shares her own video on how to tie a square knot. 


Here at the Jenni Earle ranch, we modeled our favorite way to wear the wild rag. 


[photos of Kari, Jenni, Elise and kristen modeling the wild rag OR one person wearing it in various ways, close up shots] 


Wait, WHAT is a wild rag?


Basically, a large bandana. We wanted you all to have another way to wear something that reminds you to be your bravest and most authentic self. Jenni Earle is also committed to providing something for you to wear that you can use to accomplish whatever you find yourself doing today. 


I was hiking with my mom the other week and she used her Be Brave bandana to carry snacks: she tied each corner to its opposite, creating a small pouch and then threaded her backpack waist strap through so it hung by her waist. Wild rags have been used by cowboys to filter water, use as a napkin and - my favorite - cover the eyes of a spooked horse to calm him down. 


A wild rag is also a beautiful scarf to add to your wardrobe. You don’t have to use it for dirt, grime or horse stuff - if it makes you look good, feel good and walk a little taller, then that’s good enough. 


Be brave
Be authentic
Be wild 



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