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1950s vintage Wrangler denim jacket - one of a kind

there's little i love more in the world than a good denim jacket. this year i had some help gathering up a few really good ones and have made them one of a kind just for you! 

this one is QUITE A GEM, a vintage Wrangler jacket with the co-branded Blue Bell label. As far as I can figure it's from the 1950s! (swoon... that's the epitome of built to last) that one is made of really deliciously hardy sanfordized denim. it has great pocket styling and some beautiful holes from wear.

I added hand embroidery of flowers and a harvest moon. and our "luck is believing you're lucky" patch

This denim is dark as midnight. I designed it thinking of the different people who have worn it before. Driving down dirt roads with the windows down looking at a gorgeous full moon. Maybe a crush just turned into love... Maybe a letter just came in the mail that changed their life. That full moon probably felt like hope as the energy matched their heart, and shone in the flowers growing on the road side.

this jacket measures 20 1/2" across the chest, i would mark it as a SM/MED 

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