3 bandana styles for men

3 bandana styles for men

We're a woman-owned company run by a team of amazing women. But the mantras on our bandanas can encourage anyone to find their inner courage. Men can rock a Jenni Earle bandana and we've got styles to prove it!

I've written about the history of the bandana before in a post about our Wild Rag. Bandanas were worn by cowboys as a way to protect their face from wind, keep their necks warm and shielded from the sun. A bandana has so many functional uses in the backcountry; it's a perfect gift for your outdoorsy dad for Father's Day.

While it can be a functional piece, the bandana is always a statement of style for the more fashionable dad. The Trend Spotter writes about bandana styles for men to match any wardrobe style. We've got great bandana styles for men to wear all year round.

the sophisticated scout

We call this look The Scout, and boy does it dress up an outfit. Hold a Jenni Earle bandana in place with a leather slide. It's like wearing a tie, but way cooler (in our opinion): a more relaxed look and WAY more useful than a tie. We've also got handmade beautiful brass bandana slides and silver + turquoise slides too, made in collaboration with Marley & Hatch.

the easy tuck

It's not really a way to 'tie' a bandana but it sure as heck a way to wear one! This men's bandana style is actually how Jenni Earle bandanas got started. Jenni was inspired by the bandanas that her grandfather, Earl, always wore around his shop in West Virginia. Earl always let Jenni help out, and never told her she was too young or that girls 'don't belong' in garages. Jenni says, "I would swipe that bandana and hold it, trying to channel all his strength and bravery into my being."

I couldn't resist sharing this shot of the easy tuck, paired with a 100% handmade hat from Zito Hat Co. in California. (Bandana + a hat made by hand = Father's day gift!). We've never seen our 'hell yeah' bandana look so good.

the dolly

A classic men's bandana style. It's a classic look. A bandana around your neck says you're ready for adventure or a hard day's work. The dolly tie keeps your neck warm, or soaks up sweat on a hot day. Plus, it can add a flash of color to a dusty work outfit.

No matter how he wears it, a guy can rock a Jenni Earle bandana. For all you dudes out there, you can 'be brave' or'blaze a trail' and spread some 'humankind'-ness. Don't forget it. Wear it and carry it with you.

be authentic
be courageous


feature image: Liz Nemeth
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