5 summer travel essentials

5 summer travel essentials

‘Tis the season for traveling. It’s summer, the pandemic is manageable, school is out, and the U.S. is experiencing (yet again) record-breaking temperatures. We thought we’d check in with you to make sure that you have your travel essentials ready for your beach week, camping trip or backyard cookout. 

  1. Hat & sunglasses

Whatever your choice for sun protection is—use it! Any amount of time outside exposes you to the sun, and this time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere) the sun is the strongest. Summer is the glorious time when brimmed hats are both a statement of style and a functional piece of your outfit. 

For an even stronger protection plan, combine the power of sunglasses with a hat. Hey, it might even turn into an excuse to buy a new hat or new glasses so that the combo matches just right with your vibe.


2. Reusable water bottle

We will spare you a rant about why plastic water bottles just shouldn’t be a thing. A reusable water bottle is, of course, great to reduce the amount of waste that you create; it’s also a great way to stay hydrated. When you finish a plastic water bottle what do you do? Most likely you try to throw it away as soon as possible. A reusable bottle (like a Hydroflask, or Nalgene) will stick with you and if you pay attention it’s easy to refill it again, and again, and again! There are usually water fountains near public bathrooms; coffee shops often have self-serve water stations, and if you’re desperate don’t be afraid to ask a local if you’re traveling!



Did you think we wouldn’t mention it? A bandana can be your backup sun protection: check out various ways to wear a Jenni Earle bandana to cover your head or neck! You can dunk a bandana in some cold water before a hike and wear it around your neck. A bandana is a great napkin for when you eat that mustard covered pretzel at the fair and forget to grab a napkin, or when you buy an ice cream cone on a 100+ degree day in Utah. 

Want more ideas? Here are 20 bandana uses.


4. Sling bag

It’s the modern version of a fanny pack: well, sometimes it is a fanny pack but worn across the shoulder with the bag in front on your chest, or on your back. The perks are that you can carry travel essentials, and your car keys, without the heft of a backpack, or a tote bag. A sling bag can be small like a purse for only the essentials, or larger for things like travel essential #5 .


5. Journal


It’s one of our newest products and we’re excited that it made the travel essential top 5 list. Now, perhaps you are thinking that journaling isn’t your thing. That’s okay! A journal can be a place to write down the coordinates of a campground you might not be able to find because your traveling is taking you into the backcountry. Many grocery lists for backyard cookouts were written on a page torn from a journal. A Jenni Earle journal can be the place for you to record the memories you make on your travels. 

Wherever you go this summer, we hope that you are excited, prepared and as always–brave. 


The Jenni Earle gang

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