7 ways to use a bandana for yoga

7 ways to use a bandana for yoga

I’ve written about our bandana mantras inspiring yoga poses, but the more I think about it, yoga reflects the emotions, ideas and encouragement that we pack into every mantra. The intentional body-focused yoga practice is one of the ways that the Jenni Earle team remains focused and grounded. Carrying your Jenni Earle bandana everywhere reminds you to ‘be brave’ or to keep your ‘chin up buttercup’. The second best part of having a bandana with you: it is one of the most incredibly useful items you can own!


Take a deep breath in, we’ve got 7 ways for you to use your bandana during your next yoga session.


  1. A focus point 

There are words on our products for a reason! We want you to be reminded that you are strong and capable enough to do whatever your hearts tells you. Start off your session with your bandana folded with the mantra facing up, where you can read it. Each time you return to that place on your mat, read the words, inhale, and hold them within you. 


2. A tool to deepen your stretches

Often when you begin the practice of yoga your body is tight and not able to stretch as deeply as you’d hoped. That’s okay! Don’t force your body; breathe into stretches and give your body time to open up space. A bandana is a great accessory to deepen your stretches safely. Hold onto the ends of the bandana and pull into a stretch as you exhale. 


3. Headwrap 

I’m sure you have a yoga outfit, a go-to set of clothes that are comfortable to move in, and work up a little sweat. Use a bandana as a head wrap, either to keep your hair out of your eyes for those headstands, catch some sweat, or just finish off your look!



4. Maintain your form 

Some yoga poses require you keep your arms shoulder-width apart, or maybe your instructor asks you to join your hands behind your back and you’re not able to do that comfortably. Use a bandana as a way to measure your body’s movements: keeping your arms or feet (put the bandana on the ground between your feet) the correct distance apart, or serving to join those hands that just won’t reach. 


5. A mask 

While millions of Covid vaccines have been administered, and some state are lifting mask mandates, many businesses are still requiring them. Make sure to check your yoga studio’s policy before showing up for class. Forgot your mask? Tie a bandana around your face. We also sell hand-made masks from our bandanas. 


6. Your own equipment

Many studios provide straps for certain poses. Yoga straps allow you to hold onto a part of your body to stretch and/or maintain a position that is not comfortable, or possible, without holding onto another body part (like your feet). A bandana can be your yoga straps! No need to buy anything, or use your studio’s equipment. A Jenni Earle bandana is all you need. 


7. A way to be authentically you 

There are many ways to wear a bandana, and each of you has a special flair to add to their outfit, and their yoga practice. Tie a bandana around your ankle, wrist, or forehead. It may not be serving a utilitarian purpose, but it’s there with you, and that’s exactly where it belongs. 



Be well,



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