6 ways to wake up your body

6 ways to wake up your body

Since we’ve been cocooning, and stewing in our own chrysalis [what a caterpillar enters for transformation] now comes the time to activate and become that butterfly.

Something so fascinating to me about the process of becoming a butterfly is that the caterpillars carry the stem cells and genomes to become another creature entirely, in their bodies their whole life. Another term for those stem cells is ‘imaginal cells’. 

I really like this term when thinking about ourselves as a caterpillar. We have the imaginal cells we need tucked deeply inside of us already. We just need to set our intentions on coaxing out these new ways of being. This step requires more activity, just like the butterfly wriggles out of its cocoon, so too must we slowly awaken ourselves from the winter rest and contemplation. 

Here are some tools to help accomplish this, and all of them are free!

1. Bathe in the sunlight

The sun helps us produce Vitamin D, which in turn helps us absorb calcium in our bodies to keep our bones and muscles strong. As sunlight travels to our eyes, it heads to the pineal gland to produce serotonin, which regulates our mood. Getting out in the sun actually does make you feel better. 

2. Walk in the woods

Communing with nature is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. From calming babies, to lowering cortisol levels, forest bathing is the balm! Being inside of a forest and walking or hiking can reduce your blood glucose levels, heart rate and blood pressure. I love that forest bathing has shown to decrease depression, reduce anger and decrease fatigue and confusion. I feel like we all need some of that just about now.



3. Move your body! 

Skip, run, jump on a trampoline, dance, jump rope, skate, swim, bike. As you engage in activity, feel the elements around you and notice your heart pumping and working for you.
Did you know that jumping on a trampoline and jumping rope help properly drain your lymphatic system? Do something that you think is fun, simply for the joy of feeling your miraculous body in motion!

4. Help others

Think of one way you can donate your time and effort, and make an action plan to achieve it. From making a food bank donation, to tutoring online, to supporting a small business when you must make a purchase and even Being Someone’s Eyes.
There are a variety of ways that you can help your community. Helping others boosts your sense of purpose and self-confidence as well as self-satisfaction. 

5. Drink lots of water

Our bodies are made of 50-70% water, depending on your age and your current hydration level. Staying well hydrated positively affects our physical function, our energy levels and mental capacity, prevents and treats headaches and helps us maintain a healthy weight. 

6. Meditate

Meditating helps us to connect with our inner selves, create peaceful moments and produce that feel-good natural chemical….serotonin. I wrote about various types of meditation practices to help guide your practice.
Breathwork goes hand in hand with meditation. Breathwork is so powerful. It can do something as simple as bring awareness to how shallowly you are breathing all the way to unlocking stored trauma from your physical body. Like meditation, there are also a myriad of breathwork practices. I like the enthusiastic spirit of Wim Hof and the simplicity of his practice. 
We are such magical creatures. We can heal ourselves by simply tapping into our own capabilities and also reconnecting deeply with nature. Our bodies are sacred vessels that help us express ourselves, connect to others and move around the earth. If we want to create the best version of ourselves we must take care of our self. The mind, body, spirit connection cannot be undone. 
be brave,
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