bandana story: take courage

bandana story: take courage


Last month we wrote about how to rest and reset during the winter in preparation for spring. Now is the time to lay low and focus inward for the energy that sprouts next season. 

Each year, in preparation for spring, we launch two new bandana designs. Our first design this year is:

take courage


This phrase has layers of meaning for us here at Jenni Earle. Our brand was founded on the idea of drawing deep on the courage that lives within us and taking brave action. We produce actual tangible items that you can carry with you to remind yourself how strong and brave you are. By tying your Jenni Earle bandana around your neck or head or bag, you are taking that courage with you out into the world!

When I say the words “take courage” to myself, I can almost feel my spirit reaching down into my solar plexus to bring my gumption to the surface.


The design itself sprung out of a mutual obsession we have here at the ranch: butterflies.

We find ourselves talking about and looking at butterflies, researching the process inside the chrysalis and noticing the parallels to life during the pandemic.

We are all inside our own chrysalis, no one is coming out the other side of this thing the same as they went in. We have been pushed to the limits of fear, exhaustion, loneliness, and many other hard things AND we have been more kind, more present, more grateful and more generous.

Much like the caterpillar, we retreated to our homes, we did essential work, and without the usual distractions, we stewed and broke down old patterns and beliefs. As a new day emerges, it is now time to break out of our chrysalis!

It's okay to need an extra dose of encouragement to step back out into the world. All around us are brave models! Look to those butterflies that have broken out before us for guidance and hope, while being courageous enough to feel the wind lift under your newly unfurled wings.



Like everything we make, this bandana is hand-dyed. Jenni penned the design and the bandanas were printed locally in North Carolina. 'Take courage' is a vintage teal with cream and white inks. 

The square and triangular border designs are echoed in the center, alongside eight butterflies. 



We have all had to 'take courage' in many ways during the last year. While we all hope that cases go down, and that our lives return to a more familiar normal- we will still need courage for the future. 


take courage
be brave,


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