the very first courage summit

the very first courage summit

The first ever Jenni Earle Courage Summit is on March 19, 2021. The event will be centered around journeying to find courage in oneself in order to live the fullest, most authentic life. The Courage Summit is a free, live event on social media. 


We believe that whole, well people elevate the planet, both the earth itself and its inhabitants. 


things we will work through:


The virtual event will take place on Instagram live (@thisisjenniearle)

10 am EST / Jenni + Kari will talk about how they 'cocooned' during the winter and what they heard and learned while they were inside.  


12pm EST / Robin White Star will speak about awareness,  how open your heart and stay open during times of perceived crisis, recognizing patterns and behaviors that you’d like to transmute. She will share how your shamanc journey practices can help you grow. 

2pm EST / Amy Omen will share how to unlock parts of yourself through aligned action steps such as the powerful practice of Kundalini. Amy will walk us through a short practice that is a summary of your journey to finding kundalini and how you feel now. 


Robin White Star

Began her spiritual training at the age of 13 with the Inner Peace Movement, lecturing and touring until 1985. White Star’s next spiritual path brought her to the indigenous, native teachings through the works of Jamie Sams, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Ed “Eagle Man” McGaa, incorporating those teachings into her classes at the C.G. Jung Center in Houston, Texas.

Upon receiving messages from the Blue Ridge Mountains inviting her to live within their locale, she and her young son moved to North Carolina in 1995, where she soon met Will Rockingbear, a healer and teacher of Cherokee descent.

White Star apprenticed with Rockingbear for over 17 years of learning ceremonies and healing ways through the oral tradition. Since 2001, she has offered healing ceremonies, women’s circles, and private sessions through Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge in her home in Winston-Salem, NC. Her book, “Calling from the Heart — an Invitation to Your Soul Companion” was published in 2017 which shares many of Rockingbear’s teachings.


Amy Omenn

Is a wife and mother of three. She began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2018 in an effort to heal from months of struggling with anxiety and depression after the death of her mother. After a handful of classes, Amy was hooked and enrolled in a 9-month long Level I Kundalini Yogi Teacher Training.
With an acute awareness of body wisdom, Amy’s mission is to empower women to again remember: what lights them up,
what pleasure feels like again, and how to build healthy boundaries that support compassionate self-care. Amy is a big believer in work that supports our ability to befriend our unique and whole selves.



wellness kit

You can also pre-order a wellness kit (available soon!) The kit includes:

  • 4 quartz points
  • palo santo stick “take courage” mantra sustainably sourced
  • and printed by One Love Holistics
  • book of jenni earle matches, domestically made
  • cotton canvas kit bag, made in Texas
Participants will come away from the summit with a deeper knowledge of their own internal compass, more love and acceptance of themselves and new tools to take courageous action. 


    Join us on March 19th!


    be brave,


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