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'roam free' bandana

'roam free' bandana

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Hand dyed and printed bandana to be used as a talisman


21 x 21 inches


handmade in winston-salem, north carolina


100% southern grown + milled cotton


machine wash cold

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  • 'roam free' mantra in one corner

  • hand drawn mountain design

  • hand-dyed, small batch color 'lichen'

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the story of ‘roam free’

roam free are two of my favorite words… 
roam: it’s that wonderful, aimless wandering that happens when we have time that isn’t scheduled. free: this word always makes me think of wide open spaces. getting to the summit of a hike and feeling all that air expanding from and around me.roaming free is something we ALL need more of. and the BEST way to let our minds roam free, in our opinion, is to get those feet out in whatever nature is available/favorite to you...

No matter the destination, no matter the occasion, we've got styling tips galore

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