the courage summit: a re-cap of jenni earle's first annual well-being event

the courage summit: a re-cap of jenni earle's first annual well-being event

If you weren’t able to catch the Courage Summit on Instagram Live, and haven’t taken the time to watch the recordings, we wanted to share a summary of the event and hopefully encourage you to watch the lives, or at least fast forward to the amazing specialized practices that both of our guest speakers shared with us.


Cocooning - last year was challenging. We got to know ourselves more intimately and what kind of coping mechanisms we’ll try during a crisis. What worked for us and what didn’t and growing from there. First, we came up with positive action oriented steps to combat our fears. Gardening, home improvements, exercise plans.

Then, we recognized no one was going to save us, so we needed to become our own anchors and use our own inner compass. We saw that we needed to tap back into our dormant intuition to decide what is right for us. 

Many humans have suffered tremendous loss and are deeply grieving. For most of us, the sustained period of uncertain limbo weighed heavily on us. But ultimately during this time, we were reminded that we are braver and stronger than we once thought. Humans are resilient and creative and we can use this collective experience to propel us towards unity and positive solutions. 


awareness - White Star has been learning and training in the spiritual world since she was 13 years old through the Inner Peace Movement. 

Through an incredible sign, she was drawn to begin expanding her learning towards something that honored the divine feminine and mother earth. She was called to the North Carolina mountains and there, she found her next teacher, Will Rockingbear who works in the native traditions of his ancestors.

White Star took us through an amazing shamanic drumming ceremony where she led us to meet our animal totems and had us ask if they had a message for us. It was so empowering to connect with animals on the spirit plane for guidance and inspiration. It was another reminder of how everything is interconnected. 

During the Courage Summit she shared that we are all being called on to be courageous in this moment in time. If you don’t have a supportive family, find “your people” to stand by you. 

Part of being courageous is following your heart. Women have an inner knowing and every time we follow it, we are being brave. We are multidimensional beings, so we are wayshowers for the younger ones that are coming along behind us. 

In native teachings, how you are living your life is measured by ”are you growing corn?” or carrying a life force that others can benefit from. Is it something we can feed ourselves and share with others?  It is wise to step into the reality that we are members of the planetary family. We are one with EVERY being. ‘Othering’ keeps up from being connected through our love and our heart. 

Love is an action. Compassion is an action. We need to be courageous enough to share our gratitude for others. Sharing our true inner feelings without manipulation, expectation or fear is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, this means setting boundaries, which can come from love as well. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves, and boundaries can be important to cultivating self-love.  

Unlocking- Amy Omenn found Kundalini yoga as she navigated grief and depression after the passing of her mother. She used her courage and found power by looking inward and checking in with herself and what she was responsible for and what she could change. Amy found that her experience of healing helped her see the conditioning that was making her feel shame and guilt about what she was feeling, which allowed her to break down the armor to let her light truly shine through. 

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. Through Kundalini yoga we awaken or unlock our kundalini energy through our prana (inhale) and apana (exhale),, which is a new breath coming in mixed with our exhaled breath of things we want to release. Awakening that energy increases our vibration and allows us to act from a place of compassion and look at the things that we’ve gone inward to discover, such as shame or guilt, in a new way. 

Amy ultimately decided that she wanted to teach. She also discovered Human Design, which has helped her embrace herself more and how she was designed to operate, as well as how her family members operate and how she can support them best. Your soul knows what its essence is, and who you are, but Human Design is like an owner’s manual for a conscious mind and body. 

All of the different energy types in Human Design is based on the idea that our bodies hold all the answers and information we need to make decisions and follow our intuitions. Taking this kind of information into account allows you to access a level of awareness that taps into your body and reminds you what it feels like to trust again. 

Amy reminded us the best way to help humanity is to go inward and work on healing yourself and find how you work best, get still enough to listen to yourself. We have nothing to prove, just show up as yourself and honor your truth. This helps you honor others as well.

She took us through a few lovely kundalini yoga practices with chants to open and basic breath patterns...breath of fire, sat kriya and a mudra and a sealing of the practice and a blessing. Thanks to Amy for sharing these tools for unlocking our innate power! 

Our first Courage Summit was an incredible opportunity to learn from wise women, engage our friends, and share tools of authenticity to all you trailblazers out there. Let us know if there is anything in the world that you want to know more about, or share with the Jenni Earle team. We are open to collaborations! 

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